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      Spirax EW SAE 80W-140

      Spirax EW SAE 80W-140

      Manufacture Product Code Packaging Type Price
      550022422 120 LB KEG $285.00
      Delivery in Miami - Ft Lauderdale is $50.00 per Pallet. One Pallet = 42 Pails / 4 Drums / 1 Tote
      Contact us for Export Prices on Container Quantities

      Spirax EW SAE 80W-140 Name Changed to SHELL SPIRAX S6 AXME 80W-140 (550026931)
      Part# 550022422
      Superior performance, extended drain, synthetic transmission axle oil for many premium applications

      Shell Spirax EW 80W-140 (S6 AXME 80W-140) is a fully synthetic, multipurpose, heavy-duty gear lubricant specifically designed for heavy duty, differentials that call for an API GL-5 type product. Features outstanding thermal stability especially in applications where heat, wear and extended drain intervals contribute to severe service and high film strength and excellent shear stability.

      TO ORDER EMAIL or CALL (786) 393-2441
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