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      Shell TM-H Locomotive Gear Grease - Best locomotive grease in a market for locomotives. Railway Greases ____ 7100500120 ____ Cyprina RA ____ 1 * 120 lb
      Railway Greases ____ 7100502400 ____ Cyprina RA ____ 1 * 400 lb
      Railway Greases ____ 7100535203 ____ Cyprina RA ____ 1 * 35lb

      Shell GadusRail S2 Traction Motor Bearing grease is one of Shell's highest quality lithium soap- based greases. It is manufactured to specifications that provide excellent mechanical stability and long service life. These properties are needed for many critical anti-friction bearing applications.

      Royal Imperial TMG Grease is soap thickened gear grease containing extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. This is formulated in highly refined high viscosity base oil making it suitable for lubrication of Traction Motor Gears of all types of railroad locomotives. This grease provides extended ...

      Jet Lubricant TM. CITGO Jet Lubricant TM is a quality soap-thickened petroleum resin based compound for use as a Traction Motor Gear Lubricant in heavy duty, high speed locomotive gear boxes. It provides excellent extreme pressure and wear protection of heavily loaded gears, forms a tough oil film to protect gear teeth ...

      A variety of gear lubricants have found widespread use as traction motor gear lubricants, each having its own good performance characteristics and shortcomings. Today's new lithium gear lubricant is expected to satisfy the lubrication requirements of the newer higher-horsepower locomotives. However, as improvements in the sealing of gear cases occur, interest may shift to oil-type gear lubricants. Research and field experience suggest that effective lubrication is possible with oil products that can be made commercially available today.
      Product description
      TMGL Premium is a high performance railroad speciality lubricant formulated with a lithium soap thickener and extreme pressure additives.
      Customer benefits
      ? Promotes long term and reliable gear wear protection
      ? Offers durable lubrication for highly loaded gears
      ? Contributes long-life equipment protection under a range of operations
      ? Traction motor gear cases (incorporating appropriate seal designs) where semifluid grease-type lubricants are specified
      ? Older non-sealed traction motor designs that normally use heavy residual-type gear lubricants, where the higher leakage rate that may result is acceptable
      ? Slow to medium speed industrial gear applications where an EP semi-fluid grease is recommended
      Approvals, performance and recommendations
      ? Electro-Motive division of General Motors (EMD) under specification EMS-1027 Recommendations
      ? Traction motor gear cases of locomotives such as the 900HP/ axle EMD GP-50 and General Electric B-36 locomotives

      TMGL Premium is a lithium soap thickened gear lubricant containing a high viscosity base oil blend and sulfur/phosphorus extreme pressure additive. TMGL. Premium was developed for the lubrication of railroad locomotive traction motor gears, especially for railroads preferring a lighter product that ...

      Shell TM-H Locomotive Gear Grease

      Manufacture Product Code Packaging Type Price
      SHELL TM-H 48 x 1 LB $93.00
      SHELL TM-H 2016 lb 42 boxes x 48 LB $3,640.00
      Delivery in Miami - Ft Lauderdale is $50.00 per Pallet. One Pallet = 42 Pails / 4 Drums / 1 Tote
      Contact us for Export Prices on Container Quantities

      Shell TM-H Locomotive Gear Grease is specifically designed to lubricate the traction motor gear cases of all locomotives including the newest, high horsepower per axle units.
      Shell TM-H Gear Grease and Shell TM Gear Grease are lithium soap thickened gear lubricants containing extreme pressure additives. These products are especially suitable for the lubrication of railroad locomotive .
      Locomotive traction motor gear grease packaged type: 48 one-pound bags per box.
      42 boxes per pallet - 2016 LB total grease weight per pallet.

      Shell TM-H Locomotive Gear Grease

      Shell TM-H Locomotive Gear Grease

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